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Example 1

| ?- sat(X + Y).


illustrates three facts. First, any accumulated constraints affecting the top-level variables are displayed floundered goals, since the query is not true for all X and Y. Secondly, accumulated constraints are displayed as sat(V=:=Expr) or sat(V=\=Expr) where V is a variable and Expr is a "polynomial", i.e. an exclusive or of conjunctions of variables and constants. Thirdly, _A had to be introduced as an artificial variable, since Y cannot be expressed as a function of X. That is, X + Y is true iff there exists an _A such that X=\=_A*Y#Y. Let's check it!

| ?- taut(_A ^ (X=\=_A*Y#Y) =:= X + Y, T).

T = 1

verifies the above answer. Notice that the formula in this query is a tautology, and so it is entailed by an empty set of constraints.