se.sics.prologbeans Namespace Summary

Interface Summary
IThreadRunnable Internal interface for PrologBeans.

Class Summary
Bindings Bindings handles the variable bindings in the communication with the prolog server. Using variable bindings ensures that the values are properly quoted when sent to the prolog server.
PBAtomic PBAtomic is the .NET representation of Prolog constants and variables.
PBCompound PBCompound is the .NET representation of Prolog compound terms and atoms (such as the empty list).
PBList PBList is the .NET representation of Prolog lists.
PBString PBString is the .NET representation of Prolog strings (e.g. lists of integers that are interpretable as characters).
PrologSession PrologSession handles the connection with the Prolog Server. Currently only synchronous connections with the server are supported.
QueryAnswer QueryAnswer is the .NET representation of an answer from the Prolog server. The QueryAnswer is returned by in response to a query and contains variable bindings, errors, and success/failure information. It also contains the variable bindings specified in the query.
SupportClass Internal class for PrologBeans.
SupportClass.ThreadClass Internal class for PrologBeans.
Term Term is the base for .NET representations of Prolog terms.