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Compiling SICStus with Tcl/Tk Support

Please note: This section is only relevant when compiling source distributions with support for Tcl/Tk.

Most UNIX machines today have Tcl/Tk preinstalled. This reduces the risk of installation difficulties since the linker and the runtime linker usually finds Tcl/Tk in its default paths. Most other installation and/or configuration problems related to Tcl/Tk are caused by improper installation or installation in a path where the linker and runtime linker cannot find Tcl/Tk.

Tcl/Tk is configured for installation similar to SICStus; by the use of a configure script generated by GNU Autoconf. The installation directory is specified by the --prefix option. The value of this option is referred to as the installation-dir below.

The configure-script complains that it cannot find Tcl_Init and/or Tk_Init. What should I do?

The following message from configure indicates that it could not link a test program with the Tcl/Tk libraries.

checking for Tcl_Init in -ltcl8.3... no
checking for Tk_Init in -ltk8.3... no

The common cause of this is that the compiler cannot find -ltcl8.3 and/or -ltk8.3 (or whichever version it tries to find), usually because Tcl/Tk has been installed in a non-standard directory (i.e. different from /usr/lib, /usr/local/lib, etc.).

If you've installed Tcl/Tk in installation-dir, specify the following to configure:

% ./configure --with-tcltk=installation-dir more options

The problem can occur even if the Tcl/Tk shared libraries can be found, but the link-phase failed due to other reasons. If this occurs, it is often useful to look in config.log, where output from compilation stages etc. is logged.

I've installed Tcl and Tk in different directories. What do I do?

You can use:

% ./configure --with-tcl=tclinstallpath --with-tk=tkinstallpath
There are no shared Tcl/Tk libraries. What has happened?

You need to specify --enable-shared when configuring Tcl/Tk. This is not enabled by default.