Generic Limitations

On 32-bit architectures, the total size of the Prolog stacks cannot exceed 256 MB. Under Linux, the default placement of the TEXT segment constrains the Prolog stack address range, so in practice the limit there is 128 MB unless the spld option --more-memory is used.

The number of arguments of a compound term may not exceed 255.

The number of atoms created may not exceed 262143 (33554431) on 32-bit (64-bit) architectures.

The number of characters of an atom may not exceed 65535.

NUL is not a legal character in atoms.

There are 256 "temporary" and 256 "permanent" variables available for compiled clauses.

Saved-states are not portable between 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, or from a system built with native code support to a system without native code support for the same architecture.

Indexing on large integers or floats is coarse.