Starting with SICStus 3.8, the Emacs interface is distributed with SICStus and installed by default. The default installation location for the emacs files is <prefix>/lib/sicstus-3.11.1/emacs/ on UNIX platforms and C:\Program Files\SICStus Prolog 3.11.1\emacs\ under Windows.

For maximum performance the Emacs Lisp files (extension .el) should be compiled. This, completely optional step, can be done from within Emacs with the command M-x byte-compile-file. See Installation, for further details.

The easiest way to configure the Emacs interface is to load the file sicstus_emacs_init.el from your .emacs file. It will find the SICStus executable and do all initialization needed to use the SICStus Emacs interface.